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Thank you for taking the time to visit my personal profile page I hope that the information provided would give recruitment consultants and employers a clearer picture of my personality and skills. 

I have often been asked why my skill set and previous jobs are so diverse. Often those who asked the question were not aware of the fact that working with the same application or staying within the same skill area is not an indicator of progress  in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment.

Also my skills have evolved in what I consider to be  the natural order with respect to IT.

I started my career as an assembler of PC's and became a software installer and then a migration engineer progressing on to support and later to Administration and Software Development 

My background is scientific and engineering with Chemistry and Electronics being the subjects studied at two universities, my ambition with respect to IT is to be totally self sufficient in all the major areas as one day I would be in a position of considerable responsibility and this outlook is responsible for the way I approach my jobs and also my skill set.

I believe that one of these days I may be based in a developing country in which the IT department might not have all the skilled  personnel, and I must be able to understand the job of everybody who works in the department from the hardware engineers to the web developers and the programmers as well as the database developers.

The reason for this way of thinking is due to the observation that more companies are having branches in developing countries and many developing countries are improving their IT infrastructure.

Another reason for having a diverse skill set is that it is rare to work within one operating environment. for example a problem with Microsoft Access may be due to any of the following  

1 ) The operating system.

2 ) The ODBC link to the larger database system e.g. SQL server or Oracle.  

3 ) The Network environment or the VB code within the Access database itself .  

Now the above example is relatively simple but it shows that  to be good at a given job , an awareness of the operating environment is essential

do programming using  C++ , Java,  SQL and Visual Basic and am using  my skills to develop applications that would assist businesses and people.

My ultimate aim is to take IT technology back to developing countries and assist towards improving the engineering standards  that may exist in such parts of the World.