Hello and welcome to a company that offers solutions to problems with:

  • SQL and Access databases

  • Web Site Development

  • Microsoft Visual Basic and VB.Net Programming

  • Lotus Notes Administration and Development

  • Microsoft Office Support and Development

  • LAN, WAN and VPN issues

  • Network Security and Viruses

  • Hardware problems and upgrades

  • Rollouts and Upgrades

  • Damaged laptop computers

  • Staff training

Please call for help with any of the following

  • From staff members being unable to work properly?

  • As a result of IT resources being under utilized?

  • Because your staff  are not  properly trained?

What Jones Software Limited does.

  • Jones Software Limited is a comprehensive IT solutions company that is dedicated to resolving a wide range of problems quickly and relatively cheaply. we have the skills to help companies run their IT departments more efficiently

Company Profile

  • Jones Software Limited is a registered company  licensed to operate in England and Wales and is managed by Augustine Jones 
  • Jones Software Limited is based in Luton Bedfordshire and is committed to assisting  businesses to resolve their problems.